Hey I'm Mel and this is my flower blog!

Join me on my adventure to find the best flowers and plants for both your home and home garden.

I try and cover the following flora types




I have a true passion for flowers and gardening that I really hope to be able to share with you guys!

I’ve hand crafted my blog posts to try and share the knowledge I’ve collected over the years and compress it into easy to read snippets!

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What Can Utility Consultants Do For Your Business?

Using a Utility Consultant for Your Business is an excellent way to save money. Utility companies are always coming up with new ideas to save on your monthly bills. If you keep track of your usage, you can find out what appliances and electronics consume the most electricity. Then you can make your utility bill … What Can Utility Consultants Do For Your Business? Read More »

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How To Choose An Energy Supplier

been paying too much for energy, you must consider switching to a new energy suppliers Energy Suppliers is public owned and has an obligation to provide energy on a fair and cost effective basis. They do this through commissioning large-scale green energy projects and through setting the retail prices for natural gas and electricity. In … How To Choose An Energy Supplier Read More »

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