4 Features You Need in an Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Ergonomic gaming chairs give great support and cushioning to help you relax during long hours of game play and never worry about your neck or back taking the pressure. Most ergonomic gaming chairs today are very adjustable to your individual specifications and even come with removable padding designed specifically to keep you warm while you play. Many chairs also come with built in fans and remote controls, which make them very convenient and easy to use. If you ever decide to buy a chair, here are three things that you might want to look for:

Ergonomic Gaming Chair


Adjustability – Most ergonomic gaming chair come with great adjustability so you’re able to move them up or down to get the perfect fit for your body. They also have great features such as built in stands for storage and other uses. Some chairs offer even more adjustability by having an adjustable lumbar support system, which allows you to move the chair up or down at your leisure. Another great feature to look for is an adjustable seat that has an amazing range of mobility. Most gamers will be able to reach over and stretch their lower back to reach a key away from the keyboard. Most chairs will also offer two or more positions that your lower back can recline in.


Adjustability Not only should your chair be able to adjust to your own personal comfort, but they should also be able to be adjusted to fit around your computer screen perfectly. You’ll find that most screens are not exactly flat, so it is important that you sit in the best ergonomic chair so that you’re not putting unnecessary strain on your lower back. It’s best to try out several different models when shopping for your ergonomic gaming chair. Sitting for long periods of time in the same position might cause problems later on.

Height Adjustment Most chairs come with some sort of height adjustment, whether it be a pivot mechanism or a foot pedal. Make sure your chair includes both features. Your feet should be able to leave the pedals after a certain amount of time and your height should be able to be adjusted. Many of the best chairs have a full body cast that allows for a custom fit.


Lumbar Support One thing that all humans need is good lumbar support. Most of the best chairs come standard with a lumbar support adjustment, whether it is a built-in lever or an adjustable headrest. The more modern ergonomic chairs will also offer an adjustable lumbar cushion for added comfort. Make sure the lumbar cushion locks into place and doesn’t move around while you are typing.

Armrests & Headrests Nothing is worse than sitting for long periods of time with an uncomfortable armrest. Chairs with arms are great for those five or so minute breaks you get every so often. If you’re looking for long periods of desk work, make sure your chair has a lumbar support option as well as a great armrest. Ergonomic armrests allow you to reach items like laptops and other devices without straining your neck.

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