Add Some Character to Your Kitchen With a New Wood or Metal Table

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A metal table is a fine choice for a piece of furniture in a home. Available with an array of different sizes to sit on from four inches to ten feet, there is sure to be a smaller table to suit your loft or dining area or even a large enough table to fit in a busy formal dining area. Try pairing sleek, modern metal tables with other modern decor such as stainless steel chandeliers or other industrial metal furnishings. Match up your metal kitchen island with sleek stainless steel appliances and granite counter tops. Add a few metal wall shelves and your modern kitchen will be complete.

A metal table with wooden tops is ideal for a dining room. These can be dressed up with a few metal items such as decorative table lamps and a few accent chairs. If you have the space, choose a wood finish such as cherry or mahogany. Match the wood grains of your metal table with the color of your walls and cabinets. For a country look, try a table top made from weatherproof cedar. The texture and grain of wood will be the same as the texture and color of your walls.

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If you have a big dipper style cabinet in your kitchen, adding a metal stool at the top of the cabinet will bring it to life. Choose a sturdy metal stool that is at least two feet tall and at least twenty-six inches wide. Try to balance the size of your metal stool by choosing smaller size legs. With today’s stools, three legs are not usually required. Metal is often used in place of wood to save on costs and material.

If you have a lot of oak or maple furniture in your home, why not create a coffee table out of them? A plain oak or maple table top can easily become an eye-catching piece of furniture when covered with a colorful steel frame. To make a steel table matching your decor go to any home improvement store and pick up some steel fabric. Fabric covers are available in several colors such as black, rust, white and tan.

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If you have a dining table in your kitchen, but no wooden top, you should consider a metal base. A metal base works well with a wood table. A wrought iron or aluminum one would be ideal. To decorate it, attach a few leaves to the top using wire. If you want some added decoration, add some dried flowers.

These are just a few ideas for decorating a table with a metal base. Solid wood tables give a feeling of solid construction while metal bases are very contemporary. You can really add character to a room when you use these types of furniture. However, if you are on a strict budget, you should consider just purchasing a plastic base instead of spending money on both a wood and metal base.

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