Airplane Accidents – Top Causes of Airplane Accidents

accidents also happen in both the commercial and private sectors

The news is filled with stories about plane crashes these days. With the invention of the newer technologies, international and national air travel has become available to the general public, but just like any other industry with huge commercial potential, accidents also happen in both the commercial and private sectors and in the event of airplane accidents, the aftermath to human life can often be devastating and expensive. Accidents on airplanes can occur for many reasons: a mechanical malfunction, mechanical failure of the plane itself, or mechanical failure of one of the passengers. There are also some very rare occasions when an airplane crashes due to pilot error.

Pilot error is the leading cause of plane crashes every year. This is even truer for commercial air traffic. It is not uncommon for commercial pilots to make wide-eyed mistakes that can cost thousands of dollars and even put lives in danger. The only way to be absolutely sure you are not going to be involved in one of these airplane accidents is to familiarize yourself with the most common causes of airplane crashes and the most common causes of pilot error.

causes of pilot error is bad weather

While most pilot errors are not going to kill you, many of them do result in death. Among the most common causes of airplane accidents and the leading causes of pilot error is bad weather. Bad weather conditions can create unbearable flying conditions for pilots, causing them to make erratic and dangerous turns in mid-air. This erratic flight pattern leads to terrible accidents.

Another leading cause of airplane accidents is turbulence. When an airplane is descending through flight level and bumps into clouds or drops to an altitude too quickly, the resulting loss of control can lead to terrible injuries or even fatal accidents. Many pilots will only climb a few thousand feet after making a turn to avoid heavy turbulence. Unfortunately, this also creates the problem of extra drag on the airplane as it loses height and momentum. This added drag can greatly increase the climb or speed the plane will descend too quickly.

potentially deadly mistakes is fatigue and lack of sleep

A final reason for pilots making these potentially deadly mistakes is fatigue and lack of sleep. This very serious cause of pilot error can actually lead to fatal crashes of airplanes. Commercial pilots are constantly tired and exhausted from their constant rounds of taking off and landing at airports. They must be rested, refreshed and fully rested before taking their next flight. But frequent passengers are often too tired to travel, resulting in terrible airline crashes.

These are just a few of the most common types of aviation accidents and the main causes of pilot error. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people are injured or killed in airplane crashes. If you are a family member of one of these victims, you know that losing your loved one to an airplane accident is a devastating event. When you lose a loved one to an aviation accident, you can no longer grieve and accept the loss, but you also need to ensure the safety of future flyers. Every year, hundreds of flying students are killed or injured in planes crashes, and most of these accidents can be prevented. It is absolutely vital that you take every necessary step to become a safe pilot.

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