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All You Need to Know About Car Painting

Car painting is a common service that most auto repair shops undertake. Paintwork for cars not only improves the look of the vehicle but also increases its resale value. Proper painting helps reduce the internal damage of the car and improves its overall performance. There are different types of paints and a car owner should choose the right type for his vehicle.


Automotive paint job is the paint job applied on cars for both decoration and protection purposes. Water-based synthetic acrylic paint is the most popularly used paint for such reasons including lessening the environmental impact of conventional pigments. The clear coat protects the car from dirt, dust and scratches and is generally applied over a clear base coat. A car owner can choose from either satin or bare metal for his paint job. Satin paint provides a very good shine and protective shield to the car but it is relatively expensive.

A bare metal paint job allows the car to be painted at any time and it is considered to be highly durable. However, one disadvantage with bare metal paint job is that it leaves a dull looking surface. It can only achieve an extreme gloss level but if light scratches are applied then it appears dull and patchy. Painting cars with bare metal also leaves the interior of the car without a clear protective coating. If the car is protected with a clear coat then any scratches made will be visible even after painting.


A car’s paint job is made possible when a two-part procedure is followed. The first part is the application of a clear coat to the car’s surface through the car’s paint application system. The second part includes the removal of the paint from the car’s surface using either a brush or roller. These two processes make sure that the car’s surface is completely clean and free of any imperfections before the top coat is applied.

There are many advantages of having a paint job. Apart from making cars look better, it makes the car’s structure and body structures stronger. However, it can also cost you more because it requires cleaning the car’s structure and bodies on a regular basis so the company doing the work should be able to estimate how long it will take for each car. When applying the clear coat, car owners must also be cautious about the kind of adhesive they use on the car’s paint because certain kinds of adhesives can actually damage the clear coat. So it is important to ask the person who is painting your car about the type of adhesive to use and whether the manufacturer has any further questions to ask about it.



One great advantage of having car painting done is the increased safety of the car. If the car has been well maintained and is well maintained exteriors, then it can be safely painted. This is because paint that is done exteriors is less likely to degrade over time. Apart from this, painted cars are far easier to clean and one does not have to spend hours scrubbing and scraping away dirt particles under and behind the wheels. It would be wise to ask the car painter about all these things so that you know exactly what you are getting into and what to expect afterwards.

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