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Baby Feeding: How To Introduce Solids

In my opinion there are some Infant Shakes that should be in every new baby’s diet. But before we get into those let’s take a look at what an Infant Shake really is. An Infant Shake is basically any easily digested, easily prepared food, other than breast milk or baby formula which is designed specifically for infant children between four to six months old and two years of age. Now I’m not talking about any type of fancy powdered drink mix. I’m talking about specially formulated food to help keep your baby healthy.


Babies who are bottle fed, have their meals with them, eat a lot of cereal, have a high chair, and who have no other way to feed themselves other than by sucking on a bottle all day, should definitely be eating food that is designed for their mouth, specifically designed to promote baby-led swallowing. This can include baby-led cereal. Cereal is designed to be chewed, so it is easier for the baby to do this when it is mixed with a lot of soft textures. And if you’re lucky enough to have a baby-led high chair, then by all means, get all the cereal you can.

For the first few months, most babies will eat primarily vegetables, with a couple of fruits here and there. At around the age of six months, most babies will begin eating exclusively fruits. Around eight months, most little ones will be able to chew their own food, but will usually want a couple of vegetables and maybe one fruit a couple times a day.


By nine months, most babies will be able to choose and eat foods to their own satisfaction. Around sixteen months, most babies will be able to eat foods to their satisfaction without assistance. Now we all know that it’s not quite that simple! We’ve all been through that phase of trying to figure out what our babies can eat. It is during these early months, that you will start to come up with your own unique baby food combinations that are uniquely yours, using whatever you think your little one might like.

Around twenty-four to thirty-six months, babies are ready to start eating solid food. At this point, you can start transitioning your infant from feeding tubes or breast feeding and introduce solids in a variety of ways. The most common way to do this is with the help of a high chair.


Here are some of the main ways that a high chair can help you introduce solids to your baby: By using the spoon as a fork. This allows baby to learn how to pick up small objects from the floor. You can also use the spoon for mashed potatoes, or for mashed vegetables. Or you can allow baby to select a small food item that they prefer to nurse. If you’re not sure which food items to start with, consider a spoon that looks a lot like a food you’d eat and start adding that first.

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