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What Time Is Electricity Cheaper In The UK?

With an uncertainty in the financial markets, most people are asking the question “When is the cheapest time to buy electricity in the UK?” The answer is actually easier than you think. The best way to find out if it’s cheaper to switch your electricity provider is to ask. You’ll get a better deal on anything you buy when you let a specialist shop around on your behalf. They’ll find you the cheapest rates available and present them to you along with their usual offers.


Understanding the different

ways to help yourself to the cheapest electricity rates is vital. There are two main routes to take. First you can negotiate with your current supplier to see if you can get some benefits, for example a lower minimum energy rate. Other cheaper tariffs are only available during certain times of day and night, whilst other tariffs remain more costly throughout the whole day. The cheapest charge is usually easily found in off-peak hours as suppliers are able to buy wholesale electricity to meet consumer demand during quiet times.


Once you’ve found the cheapest tariffs

for your particular circumstances you’ll need to find out about the average electricity prices per kwh in your region. Your local electricity provider will be able to tell you the rate for your area. A quick search on Google will reveal a whole host of information on the average tariffs for your region. Be aware that some companies will offer cheaper deals during certain times, and others at other times. Always check this before signing up for a deal.


Once you’ve found the cheapest tariffs

for your area you should start looking at appliance and furniture tariffs. Typical energy suppliers will offer either a single energy supplier or a range of energy suppliers, including EPC plumbers, gas & electricians and appliance and furniture suppliers. An appliance and furniture supplier will generally have the lowest prices available, while gas and electricians and EPC plumbers will generally command higher rates. Some of the top brands in appliances and furniture include Whirlpool, Blenheim, LG and Phillips. If you are on a strict budget you can opt for a repossessed appliance and furniture provider who will offer deals which are not too far below wholesale rates.


When you start looking at the different tariff options

you’ll soon discover that you will need to choose a tariff option that suits your needs best. For instance the cheapest available rate might not be suitable for all of your requirements. Take the time to work out what your requirements are before choosing a tariff. Consider how often you use electricity, the number of sockets you need and what appliances you use. Also consider any security measures you would like and if you wish to use a dual tariff provider.


If you want to conserve power

you should look at ways of reducing your usage during the low-peak hours. Switching appliances to dimmers which turn off when not in use is one way. Similarly using light bulbs which have a longer life-cycle during the middle of the day is another way to save money on your electricity bills. Similarly, ensuring that you close all unnecessary windows and doors when you’re not using them is another way to save on your monthly energy bill. If you’re having problems remembering when you last turned off a light, consider paying someone else to do this for you – most British households have at least one extra person who turns lights off for them during the night.

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