Eye Care For Contact Lens Wearers

The most common cause of eye irritation is improper use of contact lens

If you’re new to wearing contact lenses, chances are you’ve been taught to ignore the “half-ball-in-a-jar” rule. You may have also seen it suggested that your contact is disposable and that you should throw it away after the recommended wearing period. Though these ideas may seem sensible, they’re actually harmful. When a contact lens is not worn for a sufficient length of time, it becomes misshapen, and its users may notice that it is more difficult to put in or take out. These mistakes can lead to painful eyesores, such as those found in the corners of the eyes.

Here’s another one that you should always wash with water: contact lenses that are not kept clean. Even if a product says that it is labeled as being hand washable or even microwaveable, never microwave it. Microwaving destroys the protein that is found in natural proteins, such as those found in eggs. This may be painful, and it may eventually lead to the development of chronic eye infections.

The most sensitive area that a contact lens is supposed to touch is the lower eyelid

For those who spend a great deal of time outdoors, one of the risks that comes with contact lenses includes UV light exposure. This is why it’s important to keep your contact lenses in a clean, dark plastic bag in order to protect them from the sun. If the bag is not kept clean, the UV light from the sun can seep through and damage the lens. Once this happens, the lens will become very hard and cloudy, which can impair one’s vision.

A dirty contact lens can possibly enter this area and create problems that include tearing, redness, swelling, itching, and a number of other conditions. Therefore, when treating irritation of the lower eyelid, it is important to treat it first before moving on to the upper or higher eyelid. This will help prevent any infection that could occur if the upper eyelid was irritated as well.

Most people don’t think about eye cleaning rituals

However, these eye care routines should be done on a regular basis according to a specific schedule. This helps to prevent any infections from occurring, and also protects the eye against unnecessary stress. Therefore, it is important for contact lens wearers to learn how to properly clean their eye.

The most common way to clean a contact lens is by using warm salty water. Another method that is often recommended is to rinse thoroughly with warm water and dry the lens with clean paper. However, in order to remove any excess residue, or irritants that may have remained behind after rinsing, it is often recommended that a contact lens solution is used. A good lens cleaner should be used to rinse thoroughly, especially if an excessive amount of liquid has been applied.

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