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Franchising an Outlet – Making Sure You Get All the Help You Need

If you are looking for a way to invest in franchise opportunities, but don’t really know where or how to start, then consider this first. Investing in a franchise is like investing in any business; you must carefully consider all your options. Franchises can be an excellent business to own, but like any business, you must carefully consider all aspects. The franchise world is a vast market with many options available to the individual franchise owner looking for a home base business or growth opportunity.


A franchise allows you, the franchisee or investor, to run a company independently. You pay a franchise fee upfront and you receive a set format or system created by the franchise company (Franchisor) and assistance in training you in the operation of the business. The franchise agreement should ensure that the franchisee is protected from interference from other parties. The franchise agreement could also provide for an exit package should the business owner no longer wish to participate in the franchise system. Because the franchise system involves a lot of money and a long term commitment by the franchisee, it’s important that you understand everything before you invest in a particular franchise opportunity.

There are two types of franchise – one that has multiple outlets and another that only has one outlet. Multiple outlet stores have many advantages, but they have some disadvantages as well. For example, if an outlet located in a high crime neighborhood, or one with a poor quality of product, or one with poor service, then the cost of those stores will outweigh the benefits of having multiple outlets. Also, an outlet in a high crime neighborhood might be a high-priced area and therefore not profitable. The benefit of one outlet location is that franchisees can gain access to a large base of customers, and as new businesses start up, the brand name recognition and customer base will spread across multiple outlets quickly.


One way the franchisor protects their franchise rights is to require that a new business start out in the same area as an existing business. This is called geographical exclusivity and is sometimes referred to as the “joint operating principle.” Under this principle, if an outlet is established in an area where there is already a competing business, the franchisor will prevent new business from opening up in that same area until the first franchisee opens his or her doors. Although the geographic exclusivity requirement eliminates some of the risk associated with new business ventures, it also means that franchisees cannot expand their businesses into areas where competitors have established a strong customer base and reputation.

Franchise brokers may also consult with franchisees on how to protect their rights and help them make good use of the limited time and resources available to them. Franchises can be complicated legal structures, and it can take a very long time to successfully navigate the legal system to achieve the maximum financial rewards. Many franchise brokers know the ins and outs of the system and can provide guidance to franchisees that are experiencing legal issues. They can also provide advice on selling a franchise to a new buyer and help prepare paperwork that would lead to a sale.


If you are considering purchasing a franchise, it is a good idea to get the advice of an accountant that can provide you with professional and reliable advice. The accountant can help you understand your earnings, losses, taxes, and other financial obligations, and can prepare your return and earnings statements so that your business will be ready to file for tax with the IRS. The accountants may also review your books and other records to determine the fair value of your franchise. They can also ensure that you obtain all of the necessary licenses and certifications to operate your business and can advise you on what documentation you need to secure those certifications.

Another important thing that franchisees and brokers can do for you is to review your franchise agreement and all of your related contractual obligations. You may find that you have agreed to terms that include limited liability or limited personal injury protection for employees. Franchise agreements should provide you with a comprehensive coverage of the rights of the franchisor and its affiliates, including intellectual property rights, trade secrets, manufacturer’s rights, and licensing programs. This type of contract can make the difference between being able to market your business effectively and protect your rights in the future.

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