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Freshlook Contact Lenses – Keeps Your Vision Green, Blue & Beautiful All Day Long

Comfortable and affordable, contact lenses are the easiest way to alter your appearance in just one day. Whether you need a bright, highly intense color change, a gentle color shift, or more definition and depth, there’s a wide array of contact lenses available to suit your style. Our wide variety of colors makes sure you find exactly the lens to compliment your natural look. From blue-green to deep brown, there’s a color to match every skin tone. Our contact lens color selection includes everything from basic black to electric blue.


From the comfort of home, enhance tint contacts allow you to alter your eye coloration quickly and easily. Unlike glasses, lenses can be worn for hours on end and are always ready for use. No matter if you are having a normal or special occasion, our variety of color enhancement tint contacts allow you to remain comfortable while looking great. Some people love the way they look when their eyes are tinted. Others are not so keen but appreciate the look of it. Either way, enhance tint contacts provide a simple way to greatly improve your appearance.

Contact lense comes in many forms and styles. There are contact lenses for astigmatism, nearsightedness, farsightedness and even cataracts. Contact lenses for astigmatism corrects your vision by redirecting light into the cornea so you see clearer. These lenses work best with a special astiglas design that holds the cornea in a slightly curved shape. If your vision is better with glasses, then we offer prescription contact lenses for you. When shopping for these special lenses, be sure and ask your optometrist or eye care physician that eye colour lenses will be most comfortable for you.

Contact Lens

Colored contacts also come in many different styles and materials. Clear lenses are available in disposable, semi-disposable and long wear contact lenses. Both styles feature high-contrast, high-gloss polycarbonate lens materials. Disposable and semi-disposable colored contacts are available in clear, frosted and colored contact lens materials as well. Long-wear contact lenses have an extended wearing time of between six to fourteen days.

Our quality freshlook colour contacts are made from the highest quality materials. We create our designs so that our customers can enjoy the colour and style throughout the day, everyday. Unlike daily disposable lenses, our coloured contact lenses are designed to be worn and enjoyed long periods of time – up to one year. With our freshlook coloured contacts you can maintain or change your eye colour at any time.


Freshlook coloured contacts are available in the styles: Freshlook XL, Freshlook Small, Freshlook Medium, Freshlook Large and Freshlook Extra large. All of our coloured contact lens solutions are applied using the same simple application system. The patented keratin based lens solution is applied to the contacts by a professional optician. A trained staff handles your applications, ensuring that your lenses are applied correctly and securely the first time. After applying the solution your eyes should feel smooth and free of irritation and discomfort, and your eyes should be free of color stains

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