How Nurses Are Able To Work

How Nurses Are Able To Work 12 Hours A Day

One of the most challenging tasks for a nurse is how nurses are able to work 12+ hours a day. Although there are some limitations of working nine to five to seven days a week, there are some advantages as well. For starters, if the nurse works extra hours than his or her salary will increase. This will happen if the nurse gets additional assignments or participates in any other training programs that their employer might be offering. These opportunities can be very beneficial as well, especially when the nurses have extra free time.


Another advantage is that nurses are paid on time. They are paid on a commission basis instead of an hourly rate. On top of this, if they are terminated from their job for any reason, their compensation package usually includes all the money they earned plus benefits. These packages include health care insurance and paid vacation. In addition to all this, working for an employer is very advantageous as the employer will allot some time to train their employees once they sign up for the program.

If you’re thinking about how nurses are able to work twelve hours a day, you need to consider how much time can be dedicated to your job. The nursing industry has come a long way and there are many opportunities for advancement within this industry. You don’t necessarily have to be a graduate of a nursing school to become a nursing assistant. As long as you have a passion for helping people and have dedication, then you can accomplish anything.


The only thing that you need to do is to search for an employer that will hire you. Once you’ve located one, you will then have to complete an application and provide all the necessary information. After all the information has been provided, you should then wait for the interview and once you’ve been selected, you will be starting your job as a nursing assistant.

In order to understand how nurses are able to work in this profession, it’s important to understand that nursing assistants help nurses by caring for patients. As a nursing assistant you will be responsible for doing things like taking vital signs of patients, giving medication, changing beds and changing clothes of patients. This will ensure that the patient is comfortable and healing properly. Nurses will use you as an assistant because you are much more experienced than them. They cannot monitor such things as a nursing assistant.


When you look at the job of a nursing assistant, you’ll understand why there are so many jobs available. Nurses need to leave their jobs when their day is complete as they are only able to work so many hours per day. However, if nurses knew how to better manage their time, they could do more each day. A good example would be to improve their daily task by doing something relaxing and enjoyable. Learning how to manage your time is very important when thinking about how nurses are able to work.

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