how to know if you need eyeglasses?

Some Symptoms to Know If You Need Eyeglasses

The need for reading eyeglasses or contact lenses was discovered with the development of myopia. It is a problem encountered by most people when they get old. The most typical symptoms of vision problems in the eyes include the following: difficulty in reading from right to left, cross-eyed, problems focusing on close objects, double vision, and so on. Any of these can be serious so it is important to know the proper way of dealing with them.


To know if you need reading eyeglasses or contact lenses

you need to go through some simple steps to determine the problem. First, you must be able to identify the symptoms of your eyesight problem. These are the symptoms that are often overlooked but can make the condition worse. Some of these symptoms are the following.


Double Vision. Some may not even notice this one.

But double vision occurs when two objects are close together yet can’t be seen well by the person looking at them. This can be observed especially when you are looking at something close up. For example, you are studying a letter that is near you can’t see the letter clearly, but you can see the color on the paper clearly because it is behind your back.


Trouble focusing on close objects.

One of the symptoms of having weak eyesight is the inability to focus on a close object with great clearness. This problem becomes worse as the distance between you and the object gets bigger. Some people even find it hard to read the small print on books. Sometimes, they can’t even see close-up objects such as computer keys.


Trouble focusing on close objects while looking at something far away.

Another eye problem that is often seen is the inability to focus on a close object when you are looking at something a long way away. As the distance between you and the object gets larger, this becomes more visible. Some people also experience eye fatigue easily, which is the opposite of the symptoms stated above. In short, some people have trouble focusing on near objects while some are not able to do so. This can be observed as blinking very often or as resting their eyes for a longer time than usual.


Having a blurred vision.

This is one of the symptoms if you have poor eyesight. Here, the normal vision is blurred due to the strain from focusing on a small text on a web page, an e-mail, or when reading. Glaucoma and macular degeneration can be the causes of blurry vision.

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