Keep Up With Current Travel Restrictions

My heart began to pound loudly and my palms began to sweat

Being an expat can be scary at first especially if you are not used to living abroad. However, once you get used to it, you will realize that traveling abroad is actually quite an enjoyable experience. I had just finished up a two-week long sailing trip from Los Angeles to Chile, which I thought was rather exciting since I am not very used to such lengthy trips. On my second day of being an expat, I got a sinking feeling that I was being pulled into something terribly dangerous. My heart began to pound loudly and my palms began to sweat as I realized I might die of exposure.

Thinking quickly, I pulled over on a side street where a group of Chileans were gathered. I was greeted warmly by Esteban, the manager of the local marina, who offered me a free tour of his fishing boat, which he uses to catch sockeye. After that, I headed towards the marina and boarded the boat, which was waiting outside for me. The other Americans that were with me were not so lucky as their boat had sunk on the same side of the river that I landed on.

how important having a legal services on hand

Luckily, I wasn’t traveling back to the United States but instead was flying to Lima, Peru, on a direct flight. When I arrived in Lima I immediately asked for an internet connection since it was only accessible through Wi-Fi at the hotel. This is because most digital nomads don’t have access to a wired telephone network in their home country. Instead, they use SIM cards to make calls and then use their laptop or desktop computer to send messages and surf the web. Being an American expat myself, I realized how important having those services, since most Americans traveling abroad don’t have them.

Once I connected to the internet I was able to quickly find out about the closure of the American consulate in Chile, which is also the main airport in South America. After that, I looked up the lock down notice for the American consulate. It was closed due to security reasons, so I wasn’t able to get much information about it. But I did learn that there are no flights scheduled to arrive in Lima until mid-January.

I just had to find a way to get to Lima on my holiday

With this information, I decided to prepare my packing list ahead of time so that I would know what items I needed to bring with me. Since I was already planning my trip, I had already purchased my tickets and my passport. Also, I had printed out my visa forms so that I could keep track of my shipment. I brought my laptop with me because I wanted to look up some information online about immigration procedures if I might need to bring my American passport with me.

Now that I was prepared to leave, I called the tourism office in Peru to confirm my flight and asked them if they had any special deals or offers to let me pay for my airfare in advance. They did offer some, but I had already booked my cruise and my hotel in advance. I was able to secure a discount on my airfare and hotel through my American expat friends so I was able to keep up with current travel restrictions here.

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