Law Firm Marketing Strategy – How To Optimize Your Lawyer’s Online Presence


Law firms are usually termed as being called upon to represent consumers in criminal or civil matters. Such professionals who take on such a role are referred to as defense lawyers. Such professionals who decide to work as solo practitioners are also called as “independent contractors”. But if you are in need of such a lawyer, how will you go about finding one?


A good way to start your search for a suitable attorney is to ask the local bar association for recommendations. This can be followed by referral from your local state bar association. Attorneys can be referred to as general practitioners or family lawyers. When you are trying to find a good marketing attorney for your firm, your clients will want to know which specific practice areas they should expect to be represented in.

Once you have narrowed down the field, try contacting the bar associations to get further details. You can get this information by asking for a list of lawyers with good reputation. Some of them may have specific expertise in criminal law or civil law. Look for attorneys who are adept in handling a variety of issues that affect your potential clients.


If you are not comfortable hiring a single attorney to handle your entire practice area, then consider availing the services of a virtual practice area. The most prominent service providers include the likes of Smart Legal, which has tie ups with leading law firms in major US cities. Smart Legal also provides free live chat options with its members, so that prospective clients can get answers to frequently asked questions.

Other service providers include Ad Word Select, which has tie ups with leading law firms in key US cities. Such providers also allow adverts to be placed on their site and follow up on the same. Some of them even provide targeted landing pages. Such landing pages contain links to a variety of different law firms, so that clients interested in hiring the services of a particular attorney, do not need to search through different law firms’ web sites.


Other SEO services that many law firms target clients with include content marketing. Content marketing aims to increase traffic to a law firm’s web site, by making the web site more attractive to visitors. In addition to content marketing, SEO can also be used to generate leads, as well as generate more clientele. However, before you hire an SEO provider to boost your law firm marketing strategy, make sure that they have extensive experience in creating effective SEO content, and have the tools and resources to optimize your site, and drive up your rankings.

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