Medical Marijuana – A Natural Approach to Pain Relief

The most common, beneficial effects of these two chemicals are less intense

The word “cannabis” refers to both the dried flowers leaves, and stem from the cannabis plant naturally growing in every garden. When ingested, cannabis offers a multitude of therapeutic benefits to those who partake in its use. Many people believe that marijuana is less addictive than many other recreational drugs, but the facts are quite different.

Marijuana is by far the most common illegal drug in the United States, with users numbering in the tens of millions. The most common negative side effect of cannabis plant use, though, is the “high,” or what many call the “high,” associated with smoking or consuming the substance. The reason for this is that the active ingredient, THC (tetracannabinol), has powerful physical properties that produce a high similar to that produced by the highly popular and addictive drug, cocaine. However, cannabis plants contain two primary compounds, rather than the psychoactive THC. These are known as CBD and THC, also known as the lesser evil of cannabis, which are the major ingredients responsible for the drug’s positive psychotropic qualities.

the key to future medical breakthroughs and new ways to treat and prevent diseases

Several companies have been researching and producing oils derived from cannabis plants. One of the most interesting of these oils is hemp oil. Hemp oil is produced from the stems and leaves of the cannabis plant, rather than from the resin (the product formed when the THC and CBD are extracted from the plant’s stems) or from the flowers. Hemp oil is one of the most promising natural remedies and is currently under study by several pharmaceutical corporations. Some pharmaceutical companies have claimed that by applying hemp oil to certain ailments, patients may be able to control or stop certain health care products from working, including certain cancer treatments.

Currently, it is believed that hemp oil is safe to use in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, but there are still some questions surrounding its potential effectiveness as a cancer treatment. However, there has been some research pointing to the potential for treating various types of cancers. One clinical study showed that the plant oil could reduce tumors in animals, although the results were inconclusive. However, this same study indicated that hemp oil reduced tumor growth in human beings. While further research is needed to determine whether or not hemp oil is a viable treatment option for humans.

scientific interest in this plant seems to be growing at a rapid pace

Other extracts from the cannabis plant have shown promise in reducing certain types of pain. One of the two compounds, THC and CBD, that are the most active in the cannabis plant, has helped people to relieve pain by creating a calming effect. However, it is unknown whether or not these compounds work on tumors in humans, or if they cause any side effects or other health issues. Some pharmaceutical companies are currently testing oils from the cannabis plant for use in treating ailments including chronic pain, Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy and other neurological disorders.

Recent studies by the University of Florida and others have suggested that the cannabis plant may also play a role in the nervous system, where it may activate the brain’s release of chemicals that act as natural painkillers and anti-nausea agents. The University of Louisville has also reported that CBD, an endocannabinoid that acts as an anti-inflammatory, may be able to protect the human body from some types of heart disease. In addition, CBD may help to reduce blood pressure in those who suffer from hypertension, a condition that plagues much of the younger generation. However, while further studies are necessary to definitively prove the usefulness of CBD in protecting the human body and reducing some of its more serious side effects.

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