Order Contact Lenses Online For Acuvue

Have you ever wished that you could order contact lenses without a prescription? Perhaps you’ve considered purchasing contacts that were not available through your optometrist’s office or those that required a prescription to purchase them. There are some advantages to ordering online without a prescription and these should be considered if you wish to purchase contact lenses without a Prescription. Purchasing contact lenses without a Prescription is easy but some important considerations need to be addressed before completing an online purchase.


Consult your doctor

Ordering contact lenses online without a Prescription Many consumers are wondering how they can order contact lenses online without a Prescription. Yes, ordering contact lenses online without a Prescription is perfectly safe as long as you are shopping with an established and trusted retailer. It is also important to remember that eye care doctors are trained professionals and know exactly which contacts are appropriate for your particular vision condition. In addition to that, it is important to have your eyes checked every month. Consulting with your regular eye doctor is critical in assisting you to know which are the appropriate contacts for you. Do not rely on a retailer to make this determination for you as your vision condition may change over time.


a phone number

Most consumers are unaware that some websites actually require consumers to place a phone number before placing an online order. If the site were to ask for your contact lens prescription information, the website would then send you an email containing a link to a page where you can print out your eyecare doctor’s prescription. You are then required to enter this information on the checkout page to proceed with your order. However, many reputable online retailers and direct selling companies will email you your eyecare doctor’s contact lens prescription upon receipt of your order.


purchasing contact lenses without a prescription can be risky

Some optometrists or ophthalmologists will encourage their patients to purchase contact lenses from them instead of from the traditional online stores without a Prescription. These practitioners know that there are risks to purchasing contacts online without a Prescription. There are more complications associated with ordering online without a prescription, such as shipping costs, and if the customer decides to cancel the order, the cost of the order becomes a liability for the company. Furthermore, if there is a problem regarding the shipping of the product (such as an incorrect address or an incorrect shipping address), the customer has no recourse against the seller. As you can see, purchasing contact lenses without a prescription can be risky and can result in losses. Therefore, when ordering contact lenses online, always remember to Obtain a Prescription from your doctor.


choose an eye care professional

Like most Acuvue users, the process of ordering contacts for Acuvue is quite easy. First, choose an eye care professional who offers Acuvue contacts. Next, fill out the online order form with your medical history and any pertinent information about your eyes, such as allergy history. After you have completed your online order, you will be directed to a page where you will need to enter your contact lens prescription information. This includes: the name of the prescribing doctor, the month the prescription was written, and the day the prescription was written.


save time and money while avoiding unnecessary eye exams

Ordering contact lenses online allows you to take advantage of the convenience of ordering from your own home or office without having to go through a lengthy eye exam process at the optometrist’s office. You can take care of your vision insurance concerns at home. You can also enjoy an immediate discount on your contact lens purchases. All in all, ordering contact lenses online allows you to save time and money while avoiding unnecessary eye exams.

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