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Looking for premium semi truck paint for your truck? Check out TIGI Auto Body Systems. They’ve got everything you need. Whether it’s a custom paint job, a touch-up paint job or anodized aluminum body paint, they’ve got it. For your truck, you’ll find the best selection, service and prices online. And, they even do custom work.


Touch up Paint for trucks: Looking for custom high quality automotive touch-up paint in spray and touch-up bottles with internal brushes? Check out TIGI Auto Body Systems. They’ve got everything you need, including base coat, clear coat and clear anodized aluminum body paint. If you’re repainting entire sections, such as a section that’s been repainted after a crash, order touch-up paint from them.

Clear Coat for your vehicle: When it comes to protecting your vehicle’s finish, you want the best. That’s why TIGI Auto Body Systems stocks the best, highest quality clear coat for your truck. You can use it on paint projects including bodywork, bumpers and all over vehicles. It will keep your vehicle looking new all year long, even through heavy use.


Base coat: Base coat protects your truck from weathering and oxidation. It also gives your vehicle a smooth, low-skid feel under the hood. You want your paint job to last, so choose a durable base coat for your vehicle. Products by TIGI Auto Body Systems have proven to be highly durable, so you know your investment is well protected.

Spray Paint: Some people love spraying their vehicles. Others prefer a controlled environment, while others like a variety of colors and spray painting techniques. TIGI Auto Body Systems makes a variety of spray paints for you to choose from, including high-gloss, medium and even wet-sanded coatings. Depending on your needs, you’ll find the perfect spray paint for your needs.

Spray Painting: Most truck owners prefer spray painting their vehicles, either for a natural look or to add a touch of detail. TIGI Auto Body Systems has a number of different spray coat options to meet your needs. Available in both wet-sanded and dry-sanded coatings, spray painting is easy and quick. With TIGI, your painted truck will be protected from sun, weather and other hazards for many years to come.


Two Colors: When it comes to picking a paint color, two colors is generally the rule rather than the exception. If you’re going for a bold, flat colored look, going with two colors is a good idea. You can even use two different paint colors on one vehicle. TIGI Auto Body Systems makes two colors that work great together on any vehicle.

Grime: As you may have known, dirt and grease can really mess with the look of a painted surface. TIGI Auto Body Systems creates a vinyl paint that is extremely effective at removing grease, dirt and grime. It also acts as a cleaner, removing wax, grease, oil and other contaminants from your vehicle’s surface. To ensure your vehicle is protected from future dirt and grime, you may want to consider having this type of paint applied. If you do plan on painting with it, make sure to allow for extra drying time after application.

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