Understanding Commercial Solar Panels Cost and Benefits

installation of commercial solar panels

Commercial Solar Panels are designed to provide a steady stream of energy to a building’s electrical system. Each individual large-watt solar PV panel is connected to a grid-tied inverter, which in turn convert DC power supplied by the solar panels to AC electricity. Commercial solar electricity is an inexpensive option to traditional electrical power solutions. The initial installation of commercial solar panels can be very expensive but the results are quick and effective.

Commercial solar panels are available in a variety of sizes and configurations. The average cost of a commercial solar system should be roughly equivalent to half of the building’s annual per-gbps consumption. The cost savings will depend upon the size of the solar panel, the number of individual panels that are grouped together and the location of the building. Some buildings may not be able to accommodate the installation of large solar panels. Buildings located in less sunny areas may also have a lower per-gbps average cost.

benefits provided for commercial solar panels

The tax benefits provided for commercial solar panels installation by the federal solar tax credit applies to the purchase price of the required equipment. However, if the total cost of installation is less than the estimated tax credit, then the installation is eligible for tax credit and reduction of the tax. Businesses should consult with certified public accountants or tax professionals to determine their approximate tax liability.

Each individual unit of solar panels installed will produce approximately two to ten thousand watts of electricity. Depending upon the size of the building and the number of individual panels, businesses may be able to generate as much as one hundred percent of their electricity needs from commercial solar panels. The electricity produced by the panels will be directly attached to the building’s electrical system. The electricity produced by the panels will reduce the company’s dependency on fossil fuels and create a more environmentally friendly work environment for employees and customers.

cost of commercial solar panels

The average cost of commercial solar panels varies according to a variety of factors including the technology, size and manufacture and the number of panels being used. The price will also vary between dealers. The prices are often heavily discounted when purchased in bulk. Photovoltaic energy consumption can have a significant impact on a company’s bottom line. Research the various options available to determine the best option for your particular energy consumption needs.

Many states provide rebates and tax credits for the installation of renewable energy systems such as commercial solar panels. These rebates and credits can significantly reduce the cost of your installation. They can also help offset the costs associated with hiring contractors to perform the installation. With proper planning, it is possible to greatly reduce the average cost of electricity usage for your business.

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