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Using Custom Labels to Celebrate Events and milestones

Disposable promotional water bottles would be a great way to place your business name out in public, without really spending a lot of money on marketing. Water bottles are part of modern society, and while they don’t always warrant a second glance, they certainly do deserve a second look. Can you get a lot of coverage with a single water bottle? You bet you can, so make sure you do it right.


There is something about water bottles

that sets them apart from all other promotional products. They are something we use every day, so why not use them in a way that helps your business? There are countless ways to get your name onto a water bottle, but here are some of our favorite options:



there are national parks. Every year, millions of Americans head out to visit their favorite national parks, whether they know it or not. Using custom labels printed with your logo and information can help you promote your company while celebrating a popular vacation destination. Every national park has a website and a Facebook page, so getting your logo and message printed on one of their bottles would be a fantastic idea. And since bottled water is so popular these days, there are millions of national parks to celebrate.



there are special events that deserve recognition. How many people go to their local gym and shower before heading out for the evening? Are there certain milestones throughout the year when people head out for a night on the town? Can you commemorate all of these special events with custom-label water bottles? You bet there can be! When a city celebrates its most memorable events, you can congratulate the inhabitants with a custom label to commemorate that historic significance.


Finally, there are holidays.

There are countless holidays throughout the year, but there are only a select few that are celebrated lavishly. Water bottles printed with the name of the celebration, the date, and a special symbol can commemorate these important milestones. From baseball to soccer to horse racing, tons of holidays could use a custom bottle, and by commemorating them with custom water bottles, you’ll be able to promote your business with some fun, festive marketing.


While the reasons

for using custom labels may seem somewhat obvious, these labels can tell a story about your business that customers won’t find in any other advertising. No matter what you sell, having personalized labels on your water bottles means you’ll be able to share your story with potential customers. With your custom labels, you’ll tell them why you do what you do, who you’re serving, and how your products can make life easier.

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