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Wearing Army Shirts to Support Our Troops

The United States Army is by far the largest uniformed service branch of our nation’s armed forces. It is arguably one of the oldest and most well-known federal agencies, having been founded at Fort Benning in Virginia. It is also one of the oldest and largest uniformed services, having been established at Fort Slocum in the Carolinas in 1800. And it is one of only a few branches of our armed services that are authorized to use the phrase “all sexes” in their official name!


The United States Army has a very long history.

It was formed at the beginning of our country’s existence and has functioned as a peace-keeping force ever since. It was considered an expansionist army that sought expansion into all areas of what we now call the United States. However, in its history, it has never been anywhere near a battlefield. They have always maintained a professional presence in good shape. This includes being well-trained, well-equipped, and being ready at all times to fight any potential enemy abroad.


The US Army

does much more than simply man rifles and shoot shots at incoming enemies. They do a lot of good every day just like the military does. As a result, the Army has made great strides in modernizing its facilities and weaponry over the years. Just recently they completed a huge overhaul of their main communication facility at Fort Bliss, in El Cajon, Texas. They improved the facilities and their equipment by leaps and bounds, making it the best in the world for communication purposes. And this is just the start of it.


The army has worked diligently

to be better prepared for future wars, which is why so many of them are involved in Iraq and Afghanistan today. But modern-day soldiers are not fighting wars just to win wars. They do it because they are ready to protect the American people and defend our great nation. And in that way, they are doing an enormous and invaluable job.


But the US Army

isn’t the only branch of the armed forces that put their troops through such rigorous training. The Navy similarly trains its sailors to the US Army. And the Air Force puts plenty of its men through flight training. All branches of the armed forces have taken time to perfect their training techniques and to modernize them. This means that the quality of our troops is soaring, just like our economy is rising all around the world.


So the next time you go out to cheer on a US team

in a sporting competition, don’t turn your back on the US Army. Our soldiers are doing everything in their power to protect our country and to protect us. They’re an example to us all, a shining example of what can be done when we put our hearts and minds into something. And now it’s your turn to prove that! Wear a shirt that says: I am a US Army soldier.

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