What Are the Main Differences Between Dual Energy Plans?

when looking for a new supplier?

With an ever expanding market and a lot of potential, there has been a rise in demand for “dual fuel” (or “combination fuel”) power suppliers. Many suppliers have experienced either significant growth in their customer base, or a marked increase in the amount of installations they are undertaking. As a consequence, there are now more suppliers than ever competing for your business. So what should you look out for when looking for a new supplier?

One of the major considerations when choosing any provider is the type of tariffs you will be offered. Each type of gas and electricity retailer has different tariffs available on the market, with some offering package deals that combine several different types of tariffs, while others specialise in specific areas, such as gas spot price or electricity wholesale spot price. Some suppliers will offer you the option of signing up to a dual energy plan, which lets you sell gas and electricity to your home automatically, with one monthly bill. These types of schemes are ideal for customers who may not need to source gas and electricity separately, and also provide you with the opportunity to save money on your bills.

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Another thing you should compare when comparing any two or more energy suppliers is the terms and conditions governing their tariffs and other services. The terms of use of each plan, the pricing structure and any restrictions should all be scrutinised before you decide which provider offers the best deal. Some suppliers will charge more for their services depending on whether you are a home owner or a tenant, while others may have more restrictive tariffs. As always, read the small print before signing up to any contract, so that you know what you are agreeing to.

An app would be a good choice if you are looking to reduce outgoings quickly. Many fuel energy plan providers will offer an instant 5% off your future gas and electricity bills when you sign up to their service. In most cases, you would need to supply proof of ownership of your property before this incentive kicks in, such as a copy of your lease. If you currently do not use any of your energy supplier’s services, you may still qualify for an instant five per cent off your future purchases. This is known as the ‘bunding of energy suppliers’, and you can usually take advantage of this when signing up to a dual fuel energy supplier’s app.

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A good idea if you are interested in both gas and electricity usage is to get an app that allows you to track both aspects of your usage more easily. A photon energy plan that monitors your total consumption along with details of gas and electricity supplied is known as a mono fuel energy management app. A photon energy app is ideal for home owners, as it enables them to see at a glance how much energy they are using and how much they are spending on gas and electricity. They can then adjust their usage to minimize their carbon footprint.

When it comes to radiotherapy, a Dual Energy Plan is just one of the two plans available. The other one is known as the ‘combined radiotherapy plan’. A combination of these two plans enables radiotherapy to work more efficiently for the patient and also costs less than it would to implement two separate plans. In some areas, there are actually laws which allow patients to use one of these two plans.

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