What Asthma Triggers and How to Avoid Them

Asthma is a condition that affects the respiratory system. It causes inflammation and irritation of the airways, which results in the obstruction of airways thus causing an insufficient supply of air for breathing. The airways swell due to excessive mucus production; blockage of airways may result in increased sensitivity and therefore more pain and difficulty in breathing. Hence prevention of asthma is essential for patients.


Mold and Mildew:

Allergies to mold and mildew can also trigger an asthma attack in some people. It is therefore important to keep mold and mildew spores away from your home. Mold and mildew contain spores that can easily be inhaled by causing a reaction in the patient’s airways causing an asthma attack. To avoid such attacks: use mold and mildew-resistant mattress covers and pillows to create a barrier in between you and mold. You can also use an air purifier to filter mold and mildew before and after every sleeping period.


Secondhand smoke:

even secondhand smoke can cause an asthma attack in certain people. According to studies, children living in a smoker’s home are 5 times more likely to develop asthma than children living in a non-smoking home. Thus the risk of developing asthma from secondhand smoke is very much existent. It is strongly recommended that smokers try to kick the habit as soon as possible.


Cigarettes and Other Smoking Devices:

secondhand smoke irritates the airways thus causing an asthma attack to happen. Cigarettes contain many chemicals and tar, which can irritate the airways. Nicorette is a new type of cigarette that contains no tar and nicotine. Nicorette is said to be less harmful to the lungs as it does not irritate the airways. It works just like a cigarette but without tar.


Gum/Sugar Babies:

sugar or sugary foods can cause inflammation and narrowing of the lungs. When these gums enter the mouths of babies they excrete mucus. These mucus lines then connect to the airways, which leads to an attack. Therefore the baby needs to get rid of these sugary foods as soon as possible.


Use of Electronic Cigarettes:

the e-cigarette has been shown to help chronic bronchitis patients recover from their respiratory illness. Many doctors recommend the use of e-cigarettes and vaporizers for patients who are struggling with their respiratory illness. Some studies show that using an e-cigarette is just as effective as conventional treatment methods.


Quit Smoking Programs:

Smoking can lead to severe asthma symptoms. Many smokers are trying to quit the addictive habit to reduce their health care bills. However, many smokers will not be able to quit completely. Some specialists suggest that smokers try using electronic cigarettes and vaporizers.


Asthma is a very serious condition.

It is life-threatening and can prevent a smoker from leading a normal life. Therefore prevention of asthma is very important. If you have already been diagnosed with asthma, the best way to manage your asthma is to avoid asthma triggers. However, if you do happen to suffer from an asthma attack, it is better to take medicines than to suffer in silence.

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