German Flag

What is the German Flag?

German Flag – The German Flag flies to honor the German soldiers who have sacrificed their lives for their country. It depicts a white national flag with the German national colors in a red background. The background of the flag is usually a white field with black symbols and figures. Its resolution is 694 x426, so please mark the flag source when quoting it. Germany – World Of Warships German Flag depicts the symbol of the German Navy, which is a white boat with a red anchor.


The symbol of the German National Flag consists

of a white field surrounded by a blue field with a hexagonal diamond shape like a crown. The hexagonal shape represents the six flags used by the German Navy. The white color represents purity, strength, honor, and courage while blue is the color of peace. These are the traits of the German Flag and represent the German nation’s commitment to peace. The use of a single color for all these symbols signifies that the German Navy is a military body in peacetime.


The presence of the flag on the navy ensign

is the main way to identify the nationality of a ship. Today the Nazi national flags are no longer used by the German navy. It represents the memory of World War II when the Germans were invaded by the Nazi nation. The flag has been adopted by many other countries as their official flag. Among those known are Australia, Canada, Costa Rica, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, and the United States.


Although the original design of the German flag was black-red-gold,

it was changed in 1950 when the united states made their first international trip using the flag. During this trip, the US President was not happy with the black-red-gold color which he felt was anti-American. The change was made to blue, which was the color of the US. In some areas, especially in the navy, this is still the color that is used for the flags.


The eagle and flag of the German navy

is a white double-edged eagle with a golden field, a golden crown, and a black-red-gold tricolor on a red field. On the tricolor, there is a gold leaf on a blue field. This tricolor has been around since 1950. The eagle has a wingspan of 14 meters, which is almost the same size as the national flag. The length of the eagle is two and a half times the height of the national flag.


For the coats of arms,

the German Federal coat of arms includes: a lion rampant, wings tipped gules, between two guards, and crown above a garland of laurel. The regimental colors are: blue and white for the navy and the French army and the Burgundies of the air force and the navy. The colors that can be used for the Bundesdienstflagge include gold, silver, bronze, iron, green, red, yellow, and black. A coat of arms for the German Bund is usually prepared in the year ending of the First World War.

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