Whistleblower Lawyers

Whistleblower lawyers are lawyers who specialize in representing and defending individuals who have exposed fraudulent activities by government agencies, corporations or other public organizations. In United States, the Department of Labor is one of the main bodies that provide support to whistle blowers. It is very important to expose all instances of mismanagement at all levels of the organization so that they can be rectified. An individual may expose mismanagement or abuse of power by a corporation, government agency or any other organization. Whistleblower cases have been litigated in the courts of law for decades now.

whistleblower lawyers


There are many different types of whistleblower law firms and attorneys. They include corporate whistleblower attorneys who work on cases involving whistle blowing practices of big business corporations. The main objective of corporate whistleblower lawyers is to protect the interests of their clients and provide legal advice to such clients. Corporate whistle blowing attorneys use their experience and knowledge of the regulatory systems to handle the legal issues that arise from investigations by various government agencies. Corporate whistleblower attorneys also represent and provide legal counsel to business executives who are facing serious criminal charges related to the mismanagement of their companies.


Whistleblower lawsuits arise from a number of circumstances. The most common scenario is that an employee of a company exposes serious waste, fraud, abuse or corruption within the company and brings about a case against the employer. There could also be a situation where a whistle blower is victim of retaliation when they try to report fraud within the organization. A whistleblower lawyer can help the victim of these types of scenarios to get a fair compensation.

Whistleblower lawyers assist their clients in getting appropriate legal representation and in negotiating with the company that has made false promises to them. If the company refuses to offer the required settlement, the client can sue them in court. These lawyers can also represent their clients in arbitration or in any court of law. In some cases, the person who has suffered a loss as a result of the employer’s negligence may be eligible for tax benefits. In addition to this, the employees concerned may be entitled to file a claim for undue dismissal or other wage claims.


It is important to note that a qualified and experienced whistleblower lawyer can represent more than one client at a time. This is to ensure that they have enough experience in handling cases as related to the same employer. Many of the laws that protect employees only apply to a small number of employers nationwide. Thus, it is very important to hire a lawyer with sufficient knowledge of the local laws. The lawyer also needs to be aware of the different routes open to them for pursuing a case, including oral and written statements, interviews, investigation and deposition. They also need to know how to use the various tools of the law to get results.

Whistleblower lawyers therefore play a vital role in ensuring that all laws on whistle blowing and workers’ rights are enforced in the right manner. In fact, the lawyer may also work closely with experts such as attorneys, investigators, government officials, labor lawyers and other professionals to represent their clients effectively in court. Moreover, these professionals will provide the required guidance and counsel to their clients, who may be in a delicate position. They need to make sure that they do not expose themselves to any risk that could adversely affect their careers.

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